Wide Input Operation Voltage Range: 8V to 40V

Absolute Maximum Input Supply Voltage: 42V

Input Protection Mode Trigger Voltage: 30V

Up to 93% Efficiency

No Loop Compensation Required

Dual-channeling CC/CV control

Programmable CC current

Thermal Shutdown

Over current protection

ULVO protection

Available in SOP-8L Package



Car Charger / Adaptor

LED Driver

Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators

Distributed Power Systems

Battery Charger



The HX1366-APC is a wide input range step down DC/DC converter from a high voltage input supply. Operating with an input voltage range, the HX1366-APC achieves 2.0A continuous output current with excellent load and line regulation. The synchronous architecture provides for highly efficient designs. Constant current and constant voltage mode operation provide fast transient response and eases loop stabilization.

The HX1366-APC features a dual-channeling CV/CC mode control functions. It operates in the Constant output Current mode or Constant output Voltage mode. The over current protection current value is set by current sensing resisters.

The HX1366-APC requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components. Other features include cable drop compensation, and thermal shutdown.

The HX1366-APC converters are available in the industry standard SOP-8L packages.

Typical Application Circuit


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