Ø   Fixed 4.94V±3% Output

Ø   VIN Range: 2.7V to 4.5V

Ø   Output Current: Up to 110mA (VIN≥3V)

              Up to 230mA (VIN≥3.6V)

Ø   Low Noise Constant Frequency (360kHz) Operation

Ø   Shutdown Current <1μA

Ø   No Inductors

Ø   Available in Low Profile 6-Lead SOT23 Package



The HX4004A is a low noise switched ca­pacitor voltage doubler. It produces a regulated output voltage from a 2.7V to 4.5V input. Low external parts count (one flying capacitor and two small bypass capacitors at VIN and VOUT) make the HX4004A ideally suited for small, battery-powered applications.

The HX4004A have thermal shutdown capability and can survive a continuous short circuit from VOUT to GND. A low current shutdown feature disconnects the load from VIN and reduces quiescent current to <1μA.

The HX4004A is available in the industry standard SOT-23-6L power packages.


Ø   White LED Backlighting

Ø   Li-Ion Battery Backup Supplies

Ø   Smart Card Readers

       Ø   PCMCIA Local 5V Supplies

Typical Application


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